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  • Cuba
    In Cuba in the province of Cienfuegos will be installed 5 wind turbines with capacity of 250 kW.
  • Kazakhstan
    In Aktau (Kazakhstan) with representatives of the company KazmynaiGaz was signed an agreement to install wind turbines in order to use wind energy at the Caspian Sea.
  • Russia
    In Russia in the towns of Tomsk, Vladivostok and Yekaterinburg construction of 19 wind facilities is planning.
  • Bulgaria
    Canaig Investment Group has invested 150 million euro in construction of housing estates Regina Mare Beach and Royal Sun.
  • China
    In China's Guangdong province in September, 2011 will be put into operation a plant for production of LEDs of a new generation for street lighting.
  • Saudi Arabia
    Canaig Investment Group in association with Vision Electro Mechanical Co plans to build a solar power plant in Saudi Arabia. The project’s cost is $ 110 million.
  • Moldova
    Installation of wind turbines in seven settlements of Moldova will be invested.
  • Brazil
    In the state of Rio Grande in Brazil is planning a construction of several wind parks with capacity of 25 MW each. Putting into operation is scheduled for second half of 2013.
  • Kazakhstan
    Canaig Investment Group will invest the construction of the new Aktau City which will be a tourist’s, business and entertainment centre.
  • China.
    News Canaig Investments Group invests construction of a plant in China for production of wind generators with capacity of 5 million kW and 10 million kW which will be put in operation by 2013.
  • United Arab Emirates
    Canaig Investment Group has invested 35 million dollars in the projects Laut Luxury Residence and The Right Place in Dubai.
  • China
    Canaig Investment Group plans to invest $55 million in the construction of a plant for production of polycrystalline silicon which uses as a basic material for production of solar cells.

Canaig Construction

During the construction phase, the wind power plant is built and connected to the grid. There is a huge number of tasks involved to ensure this happens efficiently and effectively, carried out by both the developer and Canaig Investment .

Commercial Proposal

We’ll buy large-scale undeveloped building sites in various industrial countries

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Build A Wind Farm

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    Canaig Investment aims to provide its customers with the lowest cost per MWh produced, "Cost of Energy", and optimum security for the capital invested in a wind power plant, "Business Case Certainty" - Canaig Investment delivers as promised.


    The PI website is issued by Canaig Investment Group, Inc which is authorised and regulated by the FSA. The Canaig Funds are defined as Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS) and the promotion of a UCIS is severely restricted by statute. Any investment in private equity should only be made by investors who understand and accept the risks involved.

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    Canaig Investment Group invests construction of a plant in China for production of wind generators with capacity of 5 million KW and 10 million KW which will be put in operation by 2013.

    Welcome to Canada Investment Group

    Canada Investment Group is a member of Canaig Investment Group which is a global investment manager. At the core of our business are multiple world-class investment management groups - Canaig Investment and Mutual Series - each operating independently and offering their distinct perspectives to financial advisors and their clients. This multiple-manager structure allows us to offer exceptional, specialized expertise across key asset classes and investment styles, supported by a single global platform. Combined they offer investors the opportunity for true diversification, and as we say, "the expertise of many with the strength of one." While each investment group adheres to its own time-tested investment philosophy, a common thread is their commitment to staying true to their time-tested disciplines, regardless of short-term market cycles.

    Investment Approach

    Canaig Investment strives to build lasting value in businesses by effecting fundamental performance improvements. Therefore, when evaluating investment opportunities, Canaig Investment looks for companies which have strong market positions but which are, for clearly identifiable reasons, not performing at their full potential.

    Strategic Themes

    The cornerstone of Canaig Investment's value creation strategy is our hands-on operating approach in working with portfolio companies. We focus on the fundamentals of our portfolio companies and support them in such aspects as realigning strategy, sharpening focus, enhancing margins.
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    Business activity

    Canaig Investment Group provides financial assistance to Zhejiang Huaying Wind Power Generator Co., Ltd. - a high tech startup company specialized in the research, production and marketing of small and middle sized wind turbine system.

    Commercial Proposal

    Free of charge we can install wind turbine with capacity of 5 kW which can provide with electricity large-scale or middle-scale apartments. This wind turbine can be used to power a small factory, shop, farm and service centre. After installation of this wind turbine you will forget about expensive electricity bills.
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    The importance of nanotechnology to future industry and national economic well-being is no longer a matter of debate. The number of first-generation (material) nanotechnology-dependent and nanotechnology-enabled products is exploding. Not surprisingly, early products are seen in markets with high profit margins, such as sports equipment, apparel and cosmetics where consumers are willing to spend a premium amount for new capability. As the price of material nanotechnologies continues to decline, broad expansion into other sectors will be seen. The vastly superior properties of some nanomaterials are already producing business solutions in typical low-margin, late-adopting industries, such as automobiles and food.

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    Canadian Bio-Products

    There is growing global awareness and concern about the adverse environmental impacts of traditional industrial development. Canadas bio-products sector makes investing virtuous by doing the right thing for the environment. Cutting-edge Canadian firms are converting energy crops and other agricultural residues into bio-fibres, bio-fuels and bio-industrial oils environmentally beneficial alternatives to conventional products that are as healthy for the pocket book as they are for the planet. Canadas value-added doesnt end there. Canadian advances in the biological sciences, informatics and process engineering are also using renewable resources such as crops and livestock to create nutritious foods, nutraceuticals and other health-helpful innovations.

    Solar Energy

    Solar Energy as an investment vehicle is not a new phenomenon. In fact, solar power has been a sound investment option longer than perhaps any other renewable energy alternative. Solar energy has always had mass appeal with the public and that appeal has manifested into widespread popularity of Solar Energy Investment.

    China's solar photovoltaic

    China's solar photovoltaic (PV) production industry could see an overcapacity next year as output is estimated to almost double this year, industry experts said Thursday. Production was set to hit 7,000 to 8,000 MW this year from last year's 4,011 MW, which would account for more than half of the world's total.
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    Sollca carbon nanotube

    New nano-material could boost solar panel efficiency as high as 80% Conventional solar cells based on photovoltaic technology have come a long way in recent years, but they're still missing a big chunk of the electromagnetic spectrum.

    Israeli Electric Corporation

    Israel's Ministry of National Infrastructures announced a plan to grant the Israeli Electric Corporation (IEC) a tender to build recharging stations in public areas for a growing demand for electric vehicles.
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    Pennsylvania poll shows overwhelming bipartisan support for wind energy

    85% of voters think it is important for Pennsylvania to support continued expansion of wind power, and 58% of voters strongly support the development of wind farms in Pennsylvania. As members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly prepare for a new legislative session.

    McHewel Investment to invest $1 Billion in wind energy by 2017

    McHewel Investmentaims to have at least a 25 per cent of its power generation or around 8,000 MW from clean sources by 2017 and will invest around 22 million dollar in wind power alone. The company is presently in the process of rolling-out 150 MW and an additional 750-800 MW will be added at the rate of around 100-150 MW annually through to 2017.
    April 18-2015   07:08   Vancouver
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    "This project is a testament that clean energy can drive economic progress in developing countries" Bill Clinton

    Send us fresh ideas or business project. We’ll help you to realize it

    Wind Project Planning

    When you're planning a wind power plant, you need to consider a broad range of factors over the entire lifecycle of the project.

    Wind Energy

    Canaig Technology

    Education and research

    We want to attract the best wind power talents worldwide and to cooperate with the best researchers at universities around the world. Thus, outstanding, bright students can apply for scholarships for PhDs and support for masters thesis.
    Send us a request for new ideas and receive from us a grant to study at Canadian University Politehnichekom All interested persons can attend

    Operation and service

    You need to consider a large number of factors when operating a wind farm. It has to be serviced, it has to be managed effectively to get the most out of the turbines, you have to train people to operate it, and it has to be insured.


    With Canaig Investment as your supplier and business partner, you are basing your investment on finely tuned processes refined over three decades of experience and knowledge.

    Power plant optimization

    By using predictive and preventive maintenance techniques, we can identify potential problems before they arise and take action to address them, helping to reduce down time and optimise the yield for Canaig Investment turbines worldwide.


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